Drugs and the Placebo Effect

We are informed that we need to take particular drugs to treat our health problems and our company believe it. So we take the drugs and in some cases we improve and in some cases we do not.


Control Group

But has it ever struck you as odd that in each and every single scientific trial where a new drug is evaluated, there’s a control group of people who are offered placebos rather of the real thing? If the medical facility didn’t think this was an excellent way of screening, they would not utilize this method. So why do they invest the additional time, money and effort to have this control group?

They have actually found, over several years and after evaluating countless clients, that a substantial portion of individuals taking the placebos – in some cases nearly as many as are taking the drugs – are experiencing a favorable change in their signs. They wish to learn whether individuals who are taking the drugs are improving because of the drug, or because of their belief that they are taking the drug.



Say, for instance, that in a basic scientific trial 1000 people are evaluated, which 50% are provided the drug and 50% are offered sugar tablets. Let’s envision that of the 500 people who are offered the new drug itself, 100 of them experience a favorable impact (this is a 20% success rate, which is considered outstanding by most scientific requirements, and would absolutely result in FDA approval). Say that of individuals taking the placebos, 100 of them also experience a favorable impact, even if they think they are taking the drug. This is not unusual, by the way, this is relatively regular, to have a substantial quantity of people “treated” by taking placebos.


What’s going on here? Individuals taking the placebos are being assisted by their belief that they’re being assisted. It is the belief alone that is assisting them. Belief originates from their subconscious mind and is totally free!




So it’s my belief that we might all save ourselves a great deal of money if we discovered ways to use this unbelievable power that we have inside ourselves – the power of subconscious belief.

Not to discuss the advantages of not sustaining prospective damaging or as-yet-unknown adverse effects from the drugs we are taking. And what about the advantage of knowing that we are in control of our own bodies?

I’m not stating that the entire pharmaceutical market is a rip-off and we must all stop taking drugs completely. Naturally, there have actually been many terrific strides in medication and drugs which have actually assisted countless people – discoveries like Penicillin have actually conserved the lives of many thousands. But I am stating that drugs must be a last hope, or at least an accessory therapy, which we use in addition to our own inner recovery power.

Our company believes that the medical professional can recover us – and possibly she or he can. But we should not neglect also our own inner physician. She or he might be aiming to inform us something.


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