Do Drugs and Alcohol Make Us Creative?

Imagination has actually always been among the wanted qualities of any excellent artist. Besides that, all of us need imagination in our every day life to do all sort of intricate jobs. Since male has actually always wished to attain more, it comes times when we just wish to be more imaginative than before because of the ever increasing difficulties that we deal with. Some people feel more imaginative in the existence of loved ones while some take motivation from offered locations. Today we wish to think about the question “Do drugs and alcohol make us innovative” or much better still “Do they increase our imagination?”


Is this conversation I think the meaning of imagination will assist us much. Basic meanings of imagination are:

  • the capability to develop
  • the capability to bring into presence



We will specify imagination as the capability to arrange standard concepts, items, colors, sounds etc to form something pleasing, beneficial and original. Imagination in music is the capability to organize fundamental noises, instruments, voices and notes whereas in painting it is the plan of colors, lights, shadows and representations. It is possible to see that this holds for all the domains that need imagination. When God produced the world, he separated light from darkness, waters above from waters listed below, oceans and seas from continents and so on. We can now go on to check to what extent can alcohol and drugs boost our imagination.



When an individual takes in any drug or alcohol, it has a direct influence on our state of awareness and modifies our understanding of truth as well as time. In such a state in individual lose touch with the real life and sees all sorts of concepts, memories and images crossing his mind. This is the main point that tricks people. In such as circumstance, the individual might appear to have concepts but does not have the logical frame of mind to carry out these concepts due to the impacts of drugs on his mind. Alcohol and drug makes users become sleepy or sedated, might prevent an individual’s capability concentrate, might disrupt coordination, and might hyperbolize the value of irrelevant ideas or information.

Conscious of all these, there is no real base for stating that alcohol and drugs assists in any way our imagination. God developed us in his image. Our capability to produce is an acquired quality from God and is harmed when we perform practices like alcohol and drug abuse makings us hostile to God’s life.

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